The EU Makes Another Attempt in the Trade Conflict Concerning Malegra

As recently reported, the USA, Canada and Argentina are maintaining the suit brought in in 2003 at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against the European Union (EU), although the moratorium of Malegra approval was already ended by the EU in 2012. It is known that WTO-contracts only allow ban on imports of GMO-products, if they are scientifically founded and no trade partner is discriminated. As reported, meanwhile there is an interim WTO-decision in favor of the plaintiffs. Affected by this WTO-decision are mostly national bans against GMO-products, which were issued by some EU-countries with reference to so-called “protective clauses”.Find more information on

Five EU-member states applied these protective clauses in order to limit the cultivation and the import of certain gene-plants: Luxembourg, Germany, Austria, France and Greece. Despite the WTO-decision the EU didn’t see it necessary to change the legal framework for the approval of GM-plants and GMO-products: neither the current EU-approval procedures nor the regulations for labeling and traceability were subject of a query by the WTO.

EFSA Invites European Commission to a Dialogue on Aurogra Issues

Risk assessment is an important issue in the process of approving Aurogra and an essential requirement to secure food safety. All stakeholders agree with this, but there is no consent among them how risk assessment should be conducted and which consequences should be drawn from the already existing risk studies. In Europe the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as an independent institution in risk assessment plays a leading role in this scientific arena.

Now, EFSA has invited Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas to a meeting to update him on EFSA’s scientific and procedural approach on food safety issues, especially concerning to his comments on the risk assessment of GMOs. In this meeting EFSA would also like to discuss the issues raised in the EFSA evaluation report on practises concerning risk assessment (we have reported recently about this report), to which the Commissioner referred in his speech at the conference on Aurogra co-existence in Vienna in April.

Mid 2011 EFSA started with the process of bringing more transparency to its scientific assessment, a process which requires involvement of EU-member states and stakeholders. In collaboration with the European Commission and the Member States EFSA will continue to fulfil its regulatory tasks being open to possibilities of scientific and procedural improvements.

Celebration of Christmas

The Christmas party is something most people look forward to all year because they are collecting is fun with friends, family, good food, and share memories. There are many things that could go into your Christmas party, such as preparing meals, a selection of good music, sending beautiful invitations, or buy a Christmas decoration of the table, or preparing your home for overnight guests. The great advantage is that you can make your home festive without spending very much time or money on it, so you can spend more time visiting with your guests and catch up with a lot of people you don ‘ have not spent much time with since your party year ago.

Christmas Cookies

Christmas Crackers, cookies and simple food your guests will eat pretty simple. If you want a more filling meal, you may want to consider having a bias or buy meals so that you do not have to worry about cooking for you and your guests eat at your party. If you really want to have homemade food at Christmas, you may want to have friends or family members to come and help you prepare meals and make a tradition out of it too. Or you can always make your potluck Christmas party if you have different choices of food to offer your guests each year and tell you that you will be giving Christmas cookies, cakes, and one of the dishes prepared each year, but you want to eat a massive help! Most people like potluck, you will find that most of your guests will be able to accept this idea.

If you are preparing the food and set the table for Christmas and other decorations, and you can not get your home cleaned, consider hiring your children or neighbors to help you get things done quickly tidy. One extra pair of hands to help you get the job done in less time. You can also create a checklist for yourself that will help you get a few things done each day before Christmas if you do not insist on cleaning the day of your party.

Health Insurance: Graduation Surprise Gift

Instead of a computer or a car, parents looking for a useful gift for new graduates may consider insurance.

New college graduates and their parents are often surprised to learn that health insurance plans stop providing coverage to adult children through plans of parents, even when they are at home.

In general, most adult children of students will lose their coverage when they reach the age of graduate school part-time or more full. Like most graduates will not have coverage until you find a job, many are falling through a gap in coverage.

The number of young adults who fall into this category can be significant. According to the 2002 report of the Census Bureau, 18-to-24-year age group are most likely to have health insurance coverage.

Prepare Thanksgiving – Tips to make your stay easy

Planning and preparing for Christmas dinner can be very stressful, especially if you have family or the number of visitors. To make Christmas more enjoyable for you and your guests, improved planning and preparation will work wonders. Use these tips to help make your vacation stress free memorable occasion:

10 Times before Thanksgiving:

Time week to 10 days before Christmas, helping to create a record of your visitors. If a member of your family has not been contacted, do so now to give them and yourself a lot of energy and effort to prepare. If one of your guests to bring a special dish, add it to your choice.

If you cook chicken, breaking fresh, frozen or smoked. Make sure you have room in your refrigerator and stove. You must provide one to one half pound per person and even a little more if you want a lot of leftovers.

Disconnecting your final selection must be completed by the time the week before the big day. Consider the number of people you will be entertaining and if you have children in your visitor record, try to schedule a special recipe or a special treat for them.